David Saba writes songs that contain not only great melodies but wonderful stories as well. He starts with a story idea then carries on constructing clever rhymes enveloping all of that in a strong melody for the listener to take in and enjoy. His vocal style embraces these songs in an evocative truth recognizable to him alone.

Saba began his long road as a singer/songwriter, musician and performer way back after first seeing and hearing the solo artists and bands from his youth. He decided right then this was somehow going to be his road, his area of heartfelt pursuit. Onward with years of learning his instruments, strengthening and sweetening his vocal style, Saba worked relentlessly at the craft of songwriting. At the same time, improving upon his ability as a musical performer by getting out and playing his songs whenever and wherever he could, Saba reached out to all audiences willing to observe and listen to his songs.

Saba has carved out a strong following in the Vancouver, BC music scene and other areas along the west coast. Amongst audiences as well as other up and coming, hard working singer/songwriters and fellow musicians, he can be seen in many venues out shaking the bushes. Saba is busy doing whatever it takes to improve his craft and get himself heard and viewed as a worthy performing singer/songwriter.

Just recently, he released his first album containing 10 carefully chosen songs from his vast catalogue titled ”OUT OF TIME”.  Very cleverly sequencing these songs to fit together, he has completed a well crafted singular unit of music. A tidy, clear and spartan production with few players, the songs stand alone on their own strength. 

Plans to keep working hard at writing, performing and recording are tops on Saba’s list. Well worth taking in this new up and coming Vancouver artist either on record or any time his road happens to cross yours.