Another Southern California Mini Tour Winding Down

Well, just finishing up another California Mini tour. These events for me are school, a proving ground, a fortunate event of new friends and performance opportunities for one arriving from another stratosphere. 

They do things differently down here. I'm not saying better just differently than my home town Vancouver. Its very good to go different now and then as a performing singer songwriter. It gives you more to write about  in new songs and it gives you more to sing about from your heart. I have been very fortunate over the last couple of years to establish some good friends and contacts down here through just playing any spots I could find. Slowly I am gaining traction in a very strong outside (to me) musical market. Earning new spots to perform 1 & 2 hour shows of my own songwriting material instead of always just running the open mic circuit. Open mics are great because that is where initially you establish your contacts and warm your confidence up as a  performer. To finally be able to branch away from that a little and step it up as well is important though. 

Places I have played this trip have been very exciting. To be a performer you have to get used to and expect a lot of moving around. A lot of driving, but its definitely worth it . What it does is it drums up NEW excitement during the journey for the upcoming performance.

One more date Wednesday night at the Coachella Valley Brewing Company in Thousand Palms California, then back to Vancouver on Thursday. See you back home.....

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