California Mini Tour

I have just returned from a mini tour in California. Its so worth it to get into a new area other than what you are most familiar / comfortable with to perform your songs. All the way along I was able to shake myself up, get some new / different ideas and write some new songs as well. Initially  I landed in San Francisco, spent 2 days in this amazing city then headed south down the coast through Carmel , Santa Cruz , Santa Barbara etc. Played in Santa Barbara, then made my way east into the Yucca Valley / Morongo Valley and played some spots In the Coachella Valley, Morongo Valley & Yucca Valley Regions. These are very rich musical communities with many aspiring & talented songwriters and performing musicians. I have familiarized myself with this area over the last couple of years. Making friends, playing and just becoming a better performer because of the opportunities that have come up for me in these areas. Its great to get away and play other places and I always feel refreshed when I come back to my hometown music scene after an adventure like this.

Whenever I go away and play other spots, it always makes me realize what a great place Vancouver is for musical artists, writers and artists of all types. A lot of inspiration & many opportunities going on in Vancouver...