Performing Outdoors

Playing outside is a whole different can 'o corn for a performing artist. No longer are you in a DARK tiny (or big or medium) room wearing jeans and a ski jacket. You are out in the day with the sun and the expanse of the world around you wearing shorts and a T-shirt  as you send your songs off in all directions to an outdoor audience.

Its just different! I have played outdoors in the past, but recently I had a chance to play  2 outdoor shows. One 2 hour show on an outdoor stage in the Southern California Desert, then 1 back in Vancouver just last weekend where I was fortunate enough to have a chance to play 1 hour on the outdoor area at 2nd and Commercial Dr. for the "Commercial Drive Car Free Day". You just seem to free - up as you play and the audience seems very keen outdoors as well. Last night / Sunday as I was BBQ'n dinner for my family the urge struck me once again to play outside. So, I set up on my back patio in the warm sun, shorts and a t-shirt and gave my neighbours a concert as I was cookin' dinner. As I mentioned I have played outdoors before but it never really occurred to me then how much different and how much more "Fun" it is than paying inside. Maybe 'cos everything just seems more fun in the summer....

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