Playing Bellingham

Going to Bellingham was always a big deal as a kid having grown up in Vancouver. We were going to "THE STATES" to buy Levi 501's , blue Keds sneakers and Three Musketeers chocolate bars . Things you could not get in Vancouver at the time. It was a blast running down in the back seat of our Mustang convertible with my older sister and her boyfriend for the afternoon. Simple.

I was performing one night in Vancouver this last summer and I met a gentleman "Chuck Dingee" who played before me. Chuck has an amazing voice and can sing the hell out of any song, so I really took note of him. When he came off I went over and struck up a conversation with him and he informed me he was from Bellingham and he came up to Vancouver now and then to play. He also said he ran an open mic in Bellingham every Sunday night from 7 - 11 pm with a weekly feature in between, from 8:30 - 9:30 and he invited me to come down and perform my originals in the feature spot. I was honored he invited me as well as  all over this idea/opportunity both from a professional and nostalgic place. Going down there now is exactly the same basically as it was when I was 12 so I very much wanted to get down and play. Some family and some friends came down with me and of course Chuck was there to greet us as friendly and welcoming as could be. The venue was the old "Bellingham Herald" building and "The Culture Café" is set up in the old mail room of said building. I had a great time playing, as well the other performers were excellent and the audience members very friendly. Just the way I remember Bellingham as a kid except I have a closet full of Levi 501's I can buy now in Vancouver....

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