Great New Songwriter Showcase Monday Nights In Downtown Vancouver At "The Cafe Brixton"

This place is kind of unique. Its organized & run by my friend Scotty Vigue, the same who co- runs The Café Deux Soleils Songwriters Showcase Thursday nights on Commercial Drive. Its in a very old building on east Georgia just off of Main street. Right on the fringe of Vancouver's old China Town. It doesn't really get going 'till around 8, so by then, there is parking avialable. So far they have had 5 consecutive events & every one has drawn out some serious local, undiscovered / up & coming songwriters. As well, the sound system , the room, the sound guy (Scotty) all seem to work very well inspiring you to sing and play your very best. As a performing songwriter I find it super important to move around, play as many different  places in as many  different areas as possible. Shake yourself up, climb out of that comfort zone of playing the same 3 places week after week. I'm thankful for guys like Scotty who are out shakin' the bushes and creating new places for other people to get out , play & improve themselves as artists.
Its well worth checking out:

The Café Brixton
212 East Georgia St.(at Main)
Mondays,  8 'till late

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