2019 Was An Amazing Year & 2020 Is Shaping Up Huge

Looking back on 2019 I'm really pleased with what I was able to get done artistically and accomoplish as a performing singer/songwriter:
I was very fortunate that the winds of creativity blew many great ideas into my head so I was able to write several new songs. The songs of course being the basis of all this. So every day I'm very thankfull that the juices are flowing strong....
I was also very fortunate in getting opportunities to play as many spots and shows as I did both locally and far reaching as the States of Washington and California.
It's amazing the contacts one can make by getting out and shakin' the bushes. The great people you meet and how keen they are to help you get your songs out there and get 'em heard. 
Right now I'm just in the throws of putting together show dates in Southern California & Washington for March and April  as well as having already played a couple of shows locally.
My long time friend and musical collaborator Sid Perez has been helping me out with my new (second) album project. The follow up to 2016's "OUT OF TIME."
We have been working vigourously on this project since July, 2019 and we are so far about a third of the way through. It takes a long time and we really want it to be right. But it's happening in full swing and that's the main thing.
Lastly, I want to give a shout out to every one for the endless love and support. Making it a great day every day to get up and get going as an indy singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC Canada. This is truly the best thing to do, period. Thank You....

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