Shows Booked & Shows Cancelled - Uncertain Times We Face

As we all hunker down and isolate, we are discovering just how weird yet very essential it is during these times to understand, and adhere to the orders of health experts everywhere. All public gatherings are strictly taboo. This leaves performers and audiences of all kinds out of business. At least for the present time. Though I had some great shows booked to play, I was very fortunate to get in just under the wire with a half of them and then had to postpone the remainder. When I retuned home I was facing a 2 week quarantine period so decided immediately to make good use of this time. As well as working from my home at my day job, I also decided I was really going to roll up my sleeves and work on my music. Though I am in the middle of a new album project, of course I can't get near the studio or really be around other musicians. Yes we can work virally at these projects but there is something that comes together in the final analysis that is essential with human touch. As a result of these things, I have settled into some songwriting utilizing the gear I have in my home and its working out GREAT!         As I was looking out my studio window It dawned on me what they are doing in Italy at the present time. People are playing music alone from their balconies, front yards, living room windows, roof tops etc. for whom ever wants to listen. Perhaps a way of brightening up the day in an otherwise gloomy situation for the world at present. I live across the street from a big park and my plan is to very soon set up my PA system in the front yard and play a short solo set from way back for those who may be out & physically distanced within in the park. Perhaps on Easter Sunday......

Enjoy the down time and stay well