Performing 'Live From Home

When you are a performing singer songwriter that's what you do to keep moving forward. Sing and perform songs you have written . When everything shuts down around the world as it has since mid March 2020 with our world pandemic, the writing is still very much in place but the 'live singing and performing aspect can easily just vanish.If you let it. As a songwriter, I never feel my songs have truly been brought to life upon just completing them until I have had a chance to try them out in front of 'live audiences. Audiences let you know. Audiences do not lie and I love getting that assurance however witch way it may swing. Once I get that song out there one or two or seven times I know in my soul that now this song is finished and ready to enjoy a long life.

With these confining/limiting circumstances it has forced me to become creative as a performer in other ways. Ways I have never experimented with before. Instead of arriving to play somewhere with an existing audience of listeners one has to drum it up. So far I have done a small mini series of a handful of original songs from various places around my home. Both inside and outside depending on my mood at that time. I have posted some of them on my website, youtube channel as well my other usual social media spots. As well I made a video specifically for a very well publicized songwriter's contest I happened to be drawn towards. This generated many views as well some very positive feed back. The last thing I have tried to do is take my guitar with me if we are doing a social distancing thing with friends in their yards. Letting  them know I have a couple of new songs and I need to try them out. Would they mind me spinning them on their front lawn? The answer is always, " right on , great, yeah go for it, we'd love to hear them ." BANG - audience, feedback, feeling like you're still in the game.

Just 'cos the world throws you a curve doesn't mean you have to be out of the game.

Thank you so much to all those who have been so willingly kind and patient with me. To put up with this tenacity and be so very keen and supportive. As an artist it is all you can hope for and dream of. As always it is hugely appreciated.

Hang in there folks and stay safe...

Have a great summer