Song - "Little Sparrow"

This song I wanted to single out individually. I just posted it up on my web site, my youtube channel and all my other social media platforms. Normally I will not blog anything such as this. Its usually more a spirited event, a show, a group of shows, an interview or whatever else along the lines of a broader experience. 

Writing songs is a very fulfilling / satisfying craft when the writer feels the song has really come off. It's a nightmare when the song sits either unable to be finished or finished and crappy.

Little Sparrow is a song I first tackled in 2003. It was a very sad event that put the need to write this song into my head and I was thinking, OK, I've got this. I'll be able to put this song down and make it perfect in a shorter amount of time than usual. But that was not to be. I wrote it and because of the subject matter, I thought it was going to be perfect. Well it was far from it. And it stayed far from it for a lot of years. For me, I could never get the song to measure up emotionally to the loss so many experienced in losing this little person. As a result, of course I never performed the song, yet I so badly wanted to. I played around with it a few times over the years but I was never satisfied with what I was coming up with. Eventually, I gave up. I felt this event was not meant to have a song connected to it. At least not a song written by me.

Finally, in late March of this year when we were all locked inside in isolation, I took it out yet again and started working on  it and like out of nowhere it came to me and landed in my lap. Seventeen years later it came together.

At last, I felt this song was saying what it was supposed to say, lyrically and musically. More importantly it was feeling there at last emotionally.

I'm proud to have written this song, "Little Sparrow" and I'll be proud to perform it anywhere, any time as the years go by.....

I guess sometimes making it right, means leaving it alone for 17 years.

Talk soon.....



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