Writing New Songs & Working In Studio On New Songs For New Album

Happy New Year Everyone. All best wishes for a turn around back to greatness for all in 2021.

Through these last 10 months I have had a chance to put together a substantial group of new songs. Not to say I don't write in normal times but through this pandemic it has given me a chance like I haven't experienced before. As far as songwriting, both the creative inspiration for song ideas and the discipline to put those ideas down into finished songs seems to flow well when sticking around home so much. Not only writing new songs but also revisiting some older songs and rewriting them. Making them all 'round stronger.

As well, we've been working vigorously on a new album project I'm really excited about. A slow process but worth it in the end. Particularly if the songs are strong and I feel confident that we are putting this abundance of musical energy into a very positive place. 

I miss performing and seeing everyone out there 'live but I think we've now turned a corner and it's slowly coming back.

Stay safe and we'll see you soon.....