Returning Slowly Back To Normal

Well it has been exactly one year since I played my last show "with a 'live audience." It was at the Joshua Tree Saloon in Joshua Tree, California. I remember that night well. I finished performing and I was packing up and word came out that all public performances in all public spots were cancelled from that point on indefinitely in the sate of California. I was forced to cancel a further 3 shows I had been booked for. As it turned out similar rules were being enforced throughout the world from this point forward. A disappointment at the time of course but in hind site, far for the better. 

Now, it would appear things may be slowly creeping back to that place again where people will be able to start enjoying "live shows. Be they in smaller numbers perhaps? No one really knows yet....

The good news is, I was able to really get down and focus on my songwriting and over the last year I have come up with some songs that I feel are very strong, worthy of performing and hanging my name on. As well I enjoyed recording small "live at home" shows throughout this time and posting them on my website and DS social media spots. These felt good because I felt like maybe the audience interaction may not be as strong (obviously) but at least I was able to get my songs out there, get feedback. (thank you all for your comments) and connect at some level. We were also working very hard on the new DS album project witch was going great guns but slowed down considerably as the pandemic continued to intensify. So with things improving I am really looking forward to getting back to more studio time on new album.

As they say, it all starts with strong songs. Without strong songs you have nothing. So it all boils back to this time I have had to really really work on the songwriting. I'm most thankful for that.

Stay well everyone and we'll talk soon.