Something New....for me

This trip down South once again I was able to play some different spots. Most notably one spot I have never played before, The Plan B Tavern in Thousand Palms , California. This place is a big room with a big stage and great sound. Sooo.... I was feeling on top of the world this particular night because it was very busy and I had friends show up as well, both as performers and or audience members. Lots of support.

Rob Lawrence, a local solo musician and member of the band UPPER CLASS POVERTY, came up to me after my set and kindly asked me if I would be interested in doing a radio interview covering something to do with my songwriting. I was very surprised as well as very eager to participate. As it turns out I was to be at one of the rockinist radio stations in Palm Springs, California KCLB 93.7,  3 days later for a full on interview and as well complete rotation of my song, "Caught Up In You" from my last CD , "OUT OF TIME." This came off so well and sure as summer was aired 3 days later at 5:50 PM and it sounded awesome! 

So now heading back to Vancouver. I'm excited though this time to be heading home because I will be starting work on a new DS recording project June 1st. 

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