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A passionate musician/singer/songwriter. born and raised in Vancouver BC  Canada.

I have spent many years working away on my songwriting. Pursuing the craft of putting together songs people will enjoy listening too, performed both by myself and other artists. My songs have been described as a blend of Rock, Folk Rock, Country Rock

and Americana. Mostly I just enjoy writing music and weaving together stories and tales I can tell, into those melodies that I will hopefully be able to share with some of you.

Thanks always for your interest and thank you as well for checking out my website.

New Song For npr Tiny Desk Songwriter's Contest 2021: "A NICE MOVE AWAY" 

Each year npr Music has a fabulous song writers contest. The artists write their own songs and submit a video with one single song for judging. There are many many excellent entries every year and it's an honor for me to place myself amongst these very talented musical / lyrical people.

This year I wrote my submission titled, "A Nice Move Away"  in March & April  2021. For the video, I rearranged my garage and moved my piano and small sound system in for the shoot, May 2021. I'm really happy with how it…

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Returning Slowly Back To Normal 

Well it has been exactly one year since I played my last show "with a 'live audience." It was at the Joshua Tree Saloon in Joshua Tree, California. I remember that night well. I finished performing and I was packing up and word came out that all public performances in all public spots were cancelled from that point on indefinitely in the sate of California. I was forced to cancel a further 3 shows I had been booked for. As it turned out similar rules were being enforced throughout the world from this point…

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Writing New Songs & Working In Studio On New Songs For New Album  

Happy New Year Everyone. All best wishes for a turn around back to greatness for all in 2021.

Through these last 10 months I have had a chance to put together a substantial group of new songs. Not to say I don't write in normal times but through this pandemic it has given me a chance like I haven't experienced before. As far as songwriting, both the creative inspiration for song ideas and the discipline to put those ideas down into finished songs seems to flow well when sticking around home so much. Not…

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Song - "Little Sparrow" 

This song I wanted to single out individually. I just posted it up on my web site, my youtube channel and all my other social media platforms. Normally I will not blog anything such as this. Its usually more a spirited event, a show, a group of shows, an interview or whatever else along the lines of a broader experience. 

Writing songs is a very fulfilling / satisfying craft when the writer feels the song has really come off. It's a nightmare when the song sits either unable to be finished or finished and…

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Performing 'Live From Home 

When you are a performing singer songwriter that's what you do to keep moving forward. Sing and perform songs you have written . When everything shuts down around the world as it has since mid March 2020 with our world pandemic, the writing is still very much in place but the 'live singing and performing aspect can easily just vanish.If you let it. As a songwriter, I never feel my songs have truly been brought to life upon just completing them until I have had a chance to try them out in front of 'live…

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Shows Booked & Shows Cancelled - Uncertain Times We Face 

As we all hunker down and isolate, we are discovering just how weird yet very essential it is during these times to understand, and adhere to the orders of health experts everywhere. All public gatherings are strictly taboo. This leaves performers and audiences of all kinds out of business. At least for the present time. Though I had some great shows booked to play, I was very fortunate to get in just under the wire with a half of them and then had to postpone the remainder. When I retuned home I was facing…

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2019 Was An Amazing Year & 2020 Is Shaping Up Huge 

Looking back on 2019 I'm really pleased with what I was able to get done artistically and accomoplish as a performing singer/songwriter:
I was very fortunate that the winds of creativity blew many great ideas into my head so I was able to write several new songs. The songs of course being the basis of all this. So every day I'm very thankfull that the juices are flowing strong....
I was also very fortunate in getting opportunities to play as many spots and shows as I did both locally and far reaching as the…

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New Album Project In the Works 

We've been working very hard since the end of the summer on a new album project right here in Vancouver. It's been 3 years since the last one and I have done lots of writing. The time was right to pick out some very strong songs from this ongoing pool of work and get to it on recording some of them. So far we have 6 songs well under way. You never can set a finish date on a project such as this 'cos to do it well you need to take your time. In addition to the recording, with the mixing and mastering it…

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Another Very Successful Group of Shows In Southern California 

Got away in October and played 5 shows down south in California. A standout was a benefit for desert Autism I played with my friend Marty Swiderski on Violin and my buddy Buz Blvd on percussion. It's always inspiring to get out of your town and perform your own songs in different spots. I think the making of new fans and friends is totally inspiring to a performing songwriter. Especially when it's done by moving around to play in new cities & towns.


Another Successful Run Of Shows In Southern California 

Another very successful tour of show dates in Southern California. Five shows in two and a half weeks. For me that was a good run and every show felt really good. I was able to showcase a handful of new songs along with many of the tried and true chestnuts. Out with me this time was percussionist Buz Keplinger and for one show my old friend and amazing violin player Marty Swiderski was able to join us.Temperatures were over 100 degrees F every day so most shows were indoors except for one we played in the…

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